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The Kashmiri copperware or locally known as “Traam” in Kashmiri is an ancient artwork. The floral, stylized, geometric, leaf and even calligraphic motifs that are engraved or embossed on copper or brass. Mostly cooking pots, samovars and other sundry articles are crafted upon. These articles are then electroplated, locally called “Kalai”. The copperware objects in Kashmir are used for dailyware household items as well as for decorative purpose.

The art of casting copperware & brassware (Sartal) in Kashmir had flourished from years. The Kashmiri brassware is noted all over the world for good quality and design. The brassware objects in Kashmir ranged from household, decorative and ceremonial items. They comprise mostly cooking pots and sundry articles for the household. However, the most celebrated item is Samovars (tea-kettle of Russian origin).

The Kashmiri craftsman also produces excellent products of copper-ware consisting mostly of cooking pots and samovars and sundry articles for the household or the mantelpieces ,they are admiringly adapted for electroplating. There is a good demand for beautiful copper trays inlet into tables of carved walnut-wood, There are floral, stylized, geometric, leaf and even calligraphic motifs that are engraved or embossed on copper or brass.

Kashmiri Copperwork locally as “KANDKAER,” represents a centuries-old craft of carving motifs and patterns in Copper, a tradition of craftsmanship deeply rooted in the culture of the region. The process of creating Kashmiri copperware involves the collaboration of skilled artisans, each specializing in a particular technique. These artisans include:

  1. Khar (The Smith): The Khar is responsible for shaping the raw copper into various forms using traditional tools and techniques such as hammering and molding.
  2. Naqash (The Engraver): The Naqash intricately engraves designs and patterns onto the copper surface using specialized tools. These designs often feature traditional Kashmiri motifs, floral patterns, or calligraphy.
  3. Zarcod (The Gilder): The Zarcod applies gold or silver leaf onto the engraved copper surface, adding a luxurious and decorative element to the finished product.
  4. Roshangar (The Polisher): The Roshangar polishes the copperware to a smooth and shiny finish, enhancing its luster and beauty.
  5. Charakgar (The Cleaner or Finisher): The Charakgar is responsible for cleaning and finishing the final product, ensuring that it is free from any imperfections and ready for use or display.

Specific localities or Mohallas in Kashmir, such as Roshangar-Mohalla, are named after these professions, highlighting the deep-rooted connection between the artisans and their craft.

Kashmiri copperware encompasses a wide range of household and decorative products, including utensils such as Lota (pot), Tream (plate), Naer (water jug), Tash-Near (portable handwash), dishes, bowls, trays, vessels, haandi, lamp shades, and more. One of the most famous examples of Kashmiri copperware is the “Samovar,” a traditional tea container or large kettle used for brewing and serving tea.

The craftsmanship of Kashmiri copperware is renowned worldwide for its exquisite engraving and intricate designs. Each piece is a testament to the skill, dedication, and artistic flair of the artisans who continue to uphold this ancient tradition. Through their craftsmanship, they preserve the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir and showcase it to the world.

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Cups, Glasses, Traem, Plates, Tash ZNaer, Thaal, Jajeer, Sarposh, Chamcha, Bowl, Jug Set

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    Sheikh Altaf
    December 31, 2022
    Kashmir Copperware is know world over for fine craftsmanship. Can you please send it to Dubai
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