January 28, 2016 Woolen Fabric

Buy Original Icrus Only

It’s not every day that we go on to buy a premium Thermal item for winters and this should last at least for more than a season. That is the reason why an individual needs to make sure that when he is spending to buy a particular luxury brand, the product is indeed original and not fake. Simply put, no one likes to pay money only to get an exact same but fake copy of the original. It’s like being cheated for the money you earned so hard!

The Fabric:

Wool, especially merino wool, is one of the best materials for thermal underwear. It can absorb up to 30 percent of its water weight and remain dry during cold, wet conditions. However, thermal underwear made from low-quality wool tends to be itchy and ineffective at wicking moisture. And depending on the temps or your activities, wool might be too warm for your specific needs, for that it needs to be blended with Synthetic material, Lycra, Polyester and Cotton.

Hope you can make out yourself even after seeing the Photos in compasion

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